Brief Report of National Seminar on Application Oriented Networking
NSAON – 2011, July 2-3, 2012
Organized by Department of CSE, IT & MCA
Silicon Institute of Technology, Silicon Hills, Patia, Bhubaneswar 751024
In Association with
and COMPUTER SOCIETY OF INDIA, Silicon Students Chapter

The department of CSE, IT & MCA, Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar organized a two-day “National Seminar on Application Oriented Networking (NSAON-2012)” on 2nd & 3rd July, 2011 in collaboration with “Orissa Information Technology Society” (OITS).

Total 25 participants registered for the seminar. They were faculties from various engineering colleges in Orissa, and researchers from different organizations. The participation of M. Tech  or B. Tech students was not possible as their university examination was going to be held.

The Seminar was officially inaugurated on 2nd July at 10:20 AM. The inauguration was delayed by 20 minutes as some participants informed that they are on the way due to delay in train/bus etc. During the inaugural session, the dignitaries present on the dais were Prof. A. K. Tripathy, Director (Research) of Silicon Institute of Technology as Guest of Honour, Prof. L N Bhuyan, University of California, Riverside as Keynote Speaker, Prof. S P Mishra, President OITS, and Prof.  Sk. Kamaruddin, Silicon as the Convener of the seminar. The seminar was inaugurated in a traditional way by lighting the lamps followed by words of wisdom, encouragement and appreciation by the dignitaries present on the dais. Directors of Silicon, HoD’s of other departments and several invited guests were present during the inauguration session. The ceremony concluded with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by the convener Prof. Sk. Kamaruddin. All guests and participants were then invited to a tea-break for 15 minutes.

The three lecture sessions of the first day of the seminar were of Prof. Laxmi N. Bhuyan, Distinguished Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Riverside.

The 1st lecture session of the Seminar began at 11:30am with the talk of Prof. Bhuyan. His topic was “Introduction to Application Oriented Networking”. In this talk, he covered introduction to application oriented networking right from the fundamental concepts to internetworking and importance of network packet processing at the processor level. Participants were very enthusiastic to listen to Prof. Bhuyan and interacted very well during his talk.

The 2nd lecture session of the seminar began at 2:00pm. The topic was “Internetworking”. His talk was a nice presentation of interconnection within modern day computers. The participants raised their queries during the talk and the session was quite interactive.

The last session of the day started at 3.45pm. The topic was Network Processors and Applications”. Prof. Bhuyan got into the details of the Network processors architecture and its applications. Also he discussed regarding his research work in design and evaluation of low power network processors supported by many statistical inferences to the participants.

The first session of the second day was delivered by Prof. Bhuyan on “Efficient Scheduling of Network Applications”. He presented different scheduling approaches for network applications. He responded to the queries of the participants with much enthusiasm. He also covered open problems for research in this area.

The second session was delivered by Prof C R Das, Pennsylvania State University. His topic was “Networking in the Context of Cloud Computing”. In his talk he started from the basics of the cloud computing, and concluded with the new research avenues in the networking context of cloud computing.

The last of lecture sessions was delivered by Prof Bhuyan. The topic was “Scheduling for Power and Energy Savings”. In this talk he discussed power and energy optimization on multicore servers also he discussed an energy efficient scheduler for stream processing. The talk was quite interactive.

Immediately after the last session, the plenary session was started. Prof. Bhuyan and Prof. Das were on the dais later joined by Prof. S P Mishra. They answered to the different queries raised from the participants to their satisfaction.

The plenary session was followed by the valedictory function. Prof. Bhuyan and Prof. Das distributed the participation certificates to the participants. Then Mr. N G Dhall, Executive director presented a memento to Prof. Bhuyan and Prof. A K Tripathy presented a memento to Prof. Das.




Sk. Kamaruddin