The following pattern for financial assistance for workshops under the quality improvement program (QIP) was decided:

Workshops for a period of four days or more will have a block subsidisation of Rs.6,000/-; those for three days will have this amount as Rs.5,000/-; those for two days or less will have the same as Rs.3,000/-.

The registration fees for the participants can not be more than Rs.1,200/- for four days or more, and, can not be more than Rs.1,000/- for three days workshops.

OITS life members not supported by their institutions will have over and above the block grant, a subsidisation of half of the registration fees from oits. The other half is to be paid by the participants to the organisers. However, it was decided on 20.12.2006 that the number here shall not exceed ten. Those desirous of availing this may email to the presiden, oit (

Subsidisation for M.Tech. students, who are almost would be teachers in computer science, however, shall be as decided separately by the organisers.

The organisers are required to submit the program, along with a report on the workshop immediately after the completion of the workshop, as a soft copy mailed to for including in the website.