Dear colleague,

We had a lecture series program from 5th august to 9th august 2002 as per the program below. Prof Bhuyan, who was the main lecturer, was particularly happy about the program, and commented about having fully enjoyed the program. Any further suggestions regarding similar programs in future will be most telcome. affly spm.



A lecture series on Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing was conducted in Utkal University under the auspices of Orissa Information Technology Scociety (OITS) and M.Tech. in Computer Science Program of Utkal University coordinated by Prof S Padhy. The daily program was as follows:

10 am to 12.30 am, lectures by Prof L N Bhuyan of University of California, Riverside, USA

2 pm to 5 pm, Lectures with examples on Parallel algorithms and tutorials.

The morning programs were from 5th to 9th, August, 2002 and covered the topics: pipeline architecture and hazards, instruction level parallelism, software pipeline, scoreboard, terminal's algorithms, branch production, parallel processing architectures, shared memories, cache coherence, CC-NUMA, network processors.

There was also a summary of current research, and a talk/discussions on admission for advanced study in USA in computer science. We are very happy to mention that Prof Bhuyan has sent a mail to many people mentioning that he was quite happy to have delivered the lectures.

Three afternoons were taken by D D Sanvone and K Bhatt, scientists from BARC, Mumbai, who talked about anupam supersomputer, about MPIi, and took tutorials on MPI. Fourth afternoon contained some discussions on parallel algorithms by Prof S Padhy and about applications to biotechnology by D Jena.

The lecture series was inaugurated by Prof Pandav Nayak, Vice- Chancellor, Utkal University. About 120 participants registered, of which 54 were from outside Utkal University, and included participants from Berhampur and Dhenkanal, and many other places. We are thankful to Dr. R K Chowdhury, Director, IOPB for inviting and taking care of the scientists from BARC for participation in the lecture series.

The ten lectures of Prof Bhuyan and the same by scientists from BARC, which include talks on Anupam and lectures and tutorials on MPI have been written to a CD, and will be available from Prof S P Misra (tel: 440810) at bbsr for any oits member, or any body else ineterested in the same.

-- Prof S P Misra, house no.147, Kanan Vihar HIG Colony (Phase I) Bhubaneswar 751031, India. Tel: 91-674-440810