Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS)

For the Calender year 2002

Dear colleagues,

I am herewith enclosing a broad synopsis of the activities of oits in the calender year 2002. I am also including an account of the audited accounts of the financial year April 2001 to March 2002.



5th to 9th august, 2002

A lecture series on Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Computing was conducted in Utkal University under the auspices of Orissa Information Technology Scociety (OITS) and M.Tech. in Computer Science Program of Utkal University coordinated by Prof S Padhy. The daily program was as follows:

The morning programs were from 5th to 9th, August, 2002 and covered the topics: pipeline architecture and hazards, instruction level parallelism, software pipeline, scoreboard, terminal's algorithms, branch production, parallel processing architectures, shared memories, cache coherence, CC-NUMA, network processors.

There was also a summary of current research, and a talk/discussions on admission for advanced study in USA in computer science. We are very happy to mention that Prof Bhuyan has sent a mail to many people mentioning that he was quite happy to have delivered the lectures.

Three afternoons were taken by D D Sanvone and K Bhatt, scientists from BARC, Mumbai, who talked about anupam supersomputer, about MPIi, and took tutorials on MPI. Fourth afternoon contained some discussions on parallel algorithms by Prof S Padhy and about applications to biotechnology by D Jena.

The lecture series was inaugurated by Prof Pandav Nayak, Vice- Chancellor, Utkal University. About 120 participants registered, of which 54 were from outside Utkal University, and included participants from Berhampur and Dhenkanal, and many other places. We are thankful to Dr. R K Chowdhury, Director, IOPB for inviting and taking care of the scientists from BARC for participation in the lecture series.

The ten lectures of Prof Bhuyan and the talks by scientists from BARC, which include talks on Anupam and lectures and tutorials on MPI have been written to a CD, and will be available from Prof S P Misra (tel: 440810) at bbsr for any oits member, or any body else ineterested in the same.


Held on 1st September, 2002

Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS) conducted a quiz test at senior (MCA, BE, B.Sc.(Eng) and B.Sc.(hons)) and junior (upto class XII) levels with separate questions, on 1st September, 2002. We contacted Berhampur, Puri, Sambalpur/Burla, Rourkela, Sarang, Cuttack, Raygada, Baripada and Bhubaneswar. About 1100 students registered for the same, and around one thousand students appeared. Organisationally, the contest was modelled the same way as last year. This year there was a very positive response from Rourkela, Sambalpur/Burla, Raygada and Baripada as additional venues. But the response from Berhampur decreased as many students had examinations. Professor Sudarshan Padhy, Secretary, OITS mainly coordinated this activity, with able assistance from Dr. S.K. Sahu, Sambalpur, Dr. A.K. Otta, Sc College, Rourkela, Dr. B Majhi, NIT, Rourkela, P.K. Behera, Treasurer, OITS, and, Dr. Manas Patra and V.K. Das from Berhampur. Also many others, including M.Tech. (Comp Sc) students, who were not eligible to contest, and young faculty members, came forward to help. The results at senior and junior levels are as below.

The format for conduct of the same and the results are available in the web site olympiad.

held on 24th November.

In the olympiad, 11 students at the senior level, and the same number of students at the junior level were given prizes on 24th november, 2002. Dr. R.K. Chowdhury, Director, Institute of Physics, attended the function as the Chief guest and, Dr. A.K. Pujari was the chief speaker. Almost all the senior level prize winners attended. The junior level prize winners were requested to attend with their guardians, and most of them also attended. A large number of OITS members also attended to encourage the recipients. Dr. Pujari gave an inspiring talk as an overview of IT. After the lecture we had an interactive session of about an hour with all the participants, where all the students were encouraged to ask questions, and the experts present were giving brief answers.

It was also announced that the first three winners at the senior level in the olympiad were invited to attend cit2002 with all the benefits of delegates, free of any registration charge. They were

1. Roshan Kumar Ganatra: NIST, 6/7th Semester BE (CSE)

2. Smita Pattnaik, College of Eng, bbs, 7th Semester BE (CSE)

3. Amaresh Mohapatra, Ravenshaw College, cuttack, 3rd Semester M.Sc. (CS)

The first student could not attend as he had examinations on those days, but the other two did attend the conference. The names of all the prize winners in olympiad occurs separately.


21st dec to 24th december, 2002.

For cit2002 the main sponsors were Avaya Labs, USA, and Satyam Computer Services, India. There were also seven sponsors from orissa, six of them from Bhubaneswar. On 21st december, in all these six institutions, seven tutorials were held. About 500 students and faculty attended these tutorials . The feed back from the tutorial teachers was that the response of those who attended was quite good. Most of the tutorial teachers came for the conference, and the local fall out in this regard (one of the objectives of oits) was satisfying.

The main academic program was held from 22nd to 24th in hotel marrion. Every day the attendance was between 120 to 130 (or may be more). On 24th, in the last session of the last day of the conference the attendance was about 80%, which is quite a good attendance in any serious conference. The satisfying feature was that the attendance was more for the conference, and sight seeing became secondary. A special interactive session in the Conference evoked a lot of interest of young scientists and generated their interaction with the senior scientists.

There were three awards given at the conference. The first two, the avay labs, usa award, and the satyam awards, each of Rs.5,000/-, were given to the two best papers. Besides this, S.P. Misra donated a sum of Rs.45,000/- to oits for Narayan Misra IT award, which this year was awarded to the best paper from contributions from orissa. Purnendu Sinha of concordia university, canada, and Basabi Chakraborty from Aizu Un. of Japan won the two best paper awards, and Rakesh Agarwal of Infosys won the Narayan Misra IT award.

5. We now give the accounts of oits for the year 2001-2002 as prepared by the Treasurer.

Abstract of OITS Accounts

From 1st April, 2001 to 31st March, 2002

Credit in Rupees

Debit in Rupees

(a) Brought Forward

(b) Life members (11)

(c) Donor members (2)

(d) Balance from cit2000

(e) Royalty from TMH

(f) OSA contribution

(g) Orissa IT Olympiad

(h) Orissa IT Conference

(i) Bank Interest














(a) Orissa IT Olympiad

(b) Orissa IT Conference

(c) Modem

(d) Contingency

(e) Conveyance

(f) Advance for cit2001

(g) Advance for cit2002

(h) Bank Charges












Thus, balance on 31st March, 2002 is: Rs.3,13,837.03

This consists of:

(a) Fixed deposits of Rs.3,02,176/- with details as below:

(i)One fixed deposit of Rs.25,000/- with number as 415354.

(ii)One fixed deposit of Rs.31,566/- with number as 912825

(iii)Five fixed deposits on 29.6.2001 of Rs.27.857/- each with numbers as 912826-30 for fifteen months each with a total of Rs.1,39,285/-.

(iv)Fixed deposit no. 912867 for Rs.31,325/- Rs.25,000/ with total Rs.75,000/-

(v)Fixed deposit nos. 912868-69 for Rs.50,000/- and

(b) An effective amount in the Syndicate bank account (no.475) of Rs.10,573.03

(c) Cash in hand of Rs.1088.00

This account has been duly audited by a chartered accountant, as in all previous years.

6. From april 2002 to december 2002 there have been ten new members, two of whom are donor members. The residual money with OITS at present is about Rs.4,10,000/-. Accounting and payment of bills for cit2002 is continuing; the balance of money to oits may be large.

Last year has been a very active year for OITS. It is remarkable that so many members of oits, and many outside oits, spread out throughout Orissa and outside, had closely collaborated for the success of the programs.

We have also made a copy of (a) the lectures of Prof Bhuyan and of experts from TIFR, (b) all the tutorials and talks (keynote and invited) and papers which won awards as available, and (c) some special lectures on networking and security by Prof Sanyal of TIFR delivered at KIIT, into a CD. This shall be partly complementary to the Proceedings. The CD will be made available free to any oits member, or any one else asking for it.

7. Any suggestion for further improvements by any member or others, shall be most welcome.

S. P. Misra