We give below some workshops/lectures of oits for ready reference. These programs primarily have the objective of improving the level of faculty in odisha as a Quality Improvement Programme (QIP). Suggestions from any of you may be sent to S Padhy, or, S P Misra, The program is partly subsidised by oits. subsidy pattern  

   2012, 22nd August, 2 - 5 pm , Fuzzy Logic - Basics and Applications, at SIT, bbsr,

   2012, 2nd July to 3rd July, on Application of Oriented Networking, at SIT, bbsr,

  2010, 13th February to 15th February, on Artificial Intelligence, at NMIET, Dept. of Comp. Sc.,

  2009, 5th September, to 7th September, on Advanced Operating Systems, at Trident Academy of Technology, bbs.

  2008, 28th, March, to 30th March, on Algorithms for Bioinformatics, at ITER, SOA University, bbs.

  2008, 14th to 16th March, 2008, on Computer Security, silicon, Bhubaneswar.

  2008, to February, 2008, on Artificial Intelligence, EAST, Phulnakhra.

  2007, 23rd to 25th December, 2007, on Soft computing and its applications, BCET, Balasore.

  2007, 8th to 10th December on Advanced operating systems, at ceb, Bhubaneswar.

  2007, 25th to 28th January on Computer graphics and multimedia, at oca, Bhubaneswar.

  2006, 22nd to 25th December on Parallel and distributed computing, at EAST, phulnakhra

  2006, 28th to 30th November on Mobile computing, at synergy inst. dhenkanal

  2006, 11th to 13th November on advanced architecture, at silicon inst. bbs

  2006, 6th to 9th July on Soft Computing at kec, bhubaneswar

  subsidy pattern for workshops as formalised by executive committee, oits

  2006, 24th to 26th March, on Mobile computing at DRIEMS, cuttack

  2006, 10th to 12th March, on Internet and web technology at synergy, dhenkanal

  2005, 9th to 11th december, on bioinformatics at silicon, bbsr

  2005, 18th to 21st september, on Theory of computation at kec, bbsr

  2005, 8th to 10th august, on Design and analysis of algorithms (advanced level) at iter, bbsr

  2005, 6th to 8th March, on parallel distributed computing at cite, bbsr

  2004, 22nd-23rd March, on parallel computing and bioinformatics at G M College, sbp.

  2002, 5th-9th august, on parallel computation by Prof L N Bhuyan and some experts from BARC.